Thursday, October 10, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Little Black Backpack

When I was in high school all I wanted was a Prada backpack.  I considered it to be the "It Bag," the bag to end all bags.  If I had that bag I would never need another bag again in my life.  I worked and saved until finally it was mine.  I brought that thing with me everywhere I went, we were the best of friends.  Sadly our BFF status came to a sudden halt when another bag stole my heart and I decided I needed that bag (this was a cycle I would repeat for years to come).  My backpack was put in its' dust bag and into the closet with all the other bags that I at one point needed.  At least he was in good company.

Isn't he cute?

After years spent in retirement, my friend is back in action and ready to conquer the world.  Or at least hold my stuff.  Backpacks are back and sticking around according to the spring 2014 runway shows.  At Chanel, models carried backpacks covered in graffiti with charms dangling off the back, while Marios Schwab showed us leather backpacks in black and white.



If you couldn't already tell, I am quite happy to welcome back the backpack.  It's very reminiscent of the 90s and gives off that cool girl vibe like you're not trying too hard.  These girls totally get it.
Get your own Prada backpack or try out one of some of my other favorite options.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sweat It All Out

Like Mr. Lagerfeld, sweatpants were never an item I considered to be fashionable. Sure, I am guilty of owning a few pairs but their use has always been restricted to bumming around the house and maybe a quick run to pick-up some takeout food.   To me, sweatpants have always been comfort wear reserved for lazy days.   However, I am starting to rethink that idea after my latest purchase from the new online shop at H&M.

A whole new breed of sweatpants that don't have your college's name or the words "JUICY" on the butt.  Sweatpants meant to be worn in public, day or night.  These are for the fashionable set that want to be comfy but not sacrifice style.  This pair in particular has a bit of an Alexander Wang vibe going on but at a more budget friendly price. I have already mentally paired mine with plain tanks, boyfriend fitted button down shirts, and a pair of Elizabeth and James sandals. If you are spending everythang on Alexander Wang (or at least T by Alexander Wang) you can shop the real deal here and here.
Still not ready to embrace sweatpants outside of the home? Maybe these ladies will convince you otherwise.