Thursday, December 12, 2013

Style Crush: 90's Jennifer Aniston

I didn't realize this until recently but I totally have a style crush on Jennifer Aniston circa 1995 through 1999.  Not only do I have a crush on her but I also have a crush on her most famous alter ego, Rachel Green.  Jen and Rach (yeah, we're close like that) had amazing 90's style that fits right in to today's fashion landscape.  And yes, while Jennifer Aniston makes perfectly nice, safe style choices these days (and sometimes downright awesome; remember those Vivienne Westwood drop crotch jeans?), her star power was just beginning to rise in the 90's which means she was more experimental with her sartorial choices and that can lead to some truly memorable outfits.

Rachel Green had a serious thing for fashion and at one time that included overalls.  She revisited the look nearly 15 years later, just around the same time they started returning to the runway.



Another one of my favorite Rachel outfits is this Clueless inspired getup.  It's a bit preppy schoolgirl with a hint of grunge thanks to the plaid skirt.  And the shoes remind me of something from Miu Miu or Dries Van Noten.

On to Jen's personal style.  High waist pants?  Check.  Shirt under a dress?  Check (bonus points for the sweater tied around her waist).  Baggy denim with what appears to be flatforms?  Check.  Pretty floral dress?  Yep, check.



Who said all black was boring?  On the left we have a classic LBD that looks so cool and does such a great job at embodying minimalism that I promptly ordered this slip dress from Zara.  The red carpet outfit from 1999 goes for a different take on the all black look but I love it just the same.  It's sleek yet bold and one of my favorite red carpet looks she's ever worn.


Of course, one cannot talk about Jennifer Aniston without talking about her hair.  She's had it long, short, straight, wavy, and cut into what can only be described as the "Rachel."  She also once had it dreaded.  Is it her best look?  Maybe not but I dig it because it was a departure from her standard blowout.

Do you have any old school Aniston looks that you love that didn't make the list?