Thursday, January 2, 2014

Starting The New Year Off With a Bang

Happy 2014!  In honor of the New Year I have decided to make several resolutions that will result in some big changes in my life.

No, I'm totally kidding.  I got bangs.

The last time I had bangs was in 2007 so I felt that it was time to revisit the issue.  Why bangs?  I've always had a thing for them and like an addict, I keep coming back.  If done right, they can look super fashionable and a bit rock 'n' roll.  They also evoke that cool, effortless French girl style.  You know the one I mean, girls with messy but perfect wavy hair and thick, cool bangs.  Dare I say that certain je ne sais quoi.

Some of my favorite bangs are worn by forever cool model Freja Beha, "It" girl Alexa Chung, and French girls Lou Doillon and Caroline de Maigret.  Not only do they have enviable style, they also rock enviable haircuts complete with bangs.  When I went to get my hair cut I even showed pictures of Freja as a reference (yes, I'm a dreamer).

Do you have a certain hair style or color that you keep coming back to or do you find what works and stay committed?



Images via StyleBistro, Google.

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