Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Shake Your Bones

I love Halloween.  It is, without a doubt, my favorite holiday.  It's fun, whimsical, weird, scary, and quirky.  In one word, it's wonderful.  So far I have spent the month of October watching scary movies, decorating my apartment with ornate skulls, and consuming one too many pumpkin flavored treats (it's fine, you can call me basic).  But what good is it to carve a pumpkin if you don't have the proper mood music to do so?  Lucky for you I fixed that problem and curated a 6+ hour Halloween playlist.  Yes, it's more than just 6 hours of "Thriller" and  "Monster Mash" on repeat (although both make an appearance).  So go ahead and put in on at your Halloween bash or as background music while perfecting your slutty mouse costume or maybe while you hide from trick-or-treaters because you would rather keep that bag of mini Snickers to yourself.  Whatever the occasion have a very spooky and happy Halloween week!

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